Start-Up Consultancy

We help entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, and incubators to launch and grow new ventures. Our start-up services are designed for entrepreneurs that have a business idea but don’t have the knowledge, resources or the experience to move their concept forward. We offer our assistance as a startup business consultant in all aspects of building a business-from formulating strategy and developing business models, to crafting value propositions and optimizing pricing, to facilitating Investment and Mentorship to name a few.

Areas of Startup consulting we serve:

  • Market Research & solve industry specific problem
  • Market research for the startup idea and check the industry specifics and dynamics along with the viability of the idea and mitigation thereof, if necessary.

  • Business plan
  • After the first step, a business plan inclusive of the strategic aspects of the business as well as the financial projection for the future prospects of the same.

    Strategic aspects include industry analysis, raw material availability, capital expenditure, pricing strategy, SWOT, competition analysis, etc.

    Financial aspect would include computation of the cost of project, means and utilization of finance, projections for the future expenses and revenues, required return and expected return, etc.

  • Set Up & Support Services
  • All the steps right from setting up the business and support thereof are in the purview of the services of Virtue Ventures in the capacity of a startup mentor.

  • Legal & Regulatory Services

    All the legal and regulatory compliances and the hustle for the same are a part of startup consultancy services provided by our company.

    • Incorporation and registration
    • The process of getting the business registered with various authorities and abiding by the compliances thereof. Additionally, the compliances for the incorporation process are also included.

    • Government approvals
    • The government approvals required for the industry specific needs and also to avail the benefits of various government support schemes and the compliances for the same are included in legal services.

    • Secretarial compliance

      Secretarial compliances include the compliances under ROC (Registrar of Companies):

      • Maintenance of statutory registers. E.g., Register of Members, Register of directors, etc.
      • Annual filings
      • Informing ROC in case of some alterations.
  • Providing Financial Assistance

    We provide startup investment to the ventures with growth prospects in various different forms:

    • Seed Funding
    • Venture Capital/ Private Equity
    • Debt funding

We provide the Start-Up Consultancy